Wednesday, April 29, 2009

War on Drugs

The “War on drugs”

Law enforcement loves to tout the “War on drugs” as a banner theme, a shining example to point to as proof of their diligence and commitment to fighting crime. The media falls in line with this supposed “WAR” by creating headlines out of every little local drug bust where an “Ounce of this” or a “100 grams of that” was confiscated along with a few hundred dollars. If a gun or two are found in with the stash, law enforcement and the media will have a field day with exploiting this angle and use it to attack the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

John Q. Public will sit back in an easy chair and review the evening news or read the local rag delivered to their doorstep every morning and believe that all is well and great progress is being made on in this “WAR”. How so many people are duped into being content with these nickel and dime, small potatoes drug bust operations by law enforcement that do absolutely nothing to put a dent in the drug trade is puzzling to me. These little nothing operations are costing the taxpayers a fortune in Salaries to Judges, Police, Correction staff, equipment and cost of operating Jails all for small time players in the drug market while little or nothing is being done to reel in the “Big Fish.”
The small fry’s that are being busted are insignificant side players and actions against them do nothing to curb drug use or the drug trade in the United States. Even if every one of these small time operators were to drive into town with a tractor- trailer loaded to the hilt with Cocaine, Crack or Heroin, this would still only be a drop in a bucket that has a million holes in it.
A flood, a Tsunami of drugs of all kinds is literally pouring into this country from every imaginable source and every imaginable mode of transport. It’s coming up from Mexico, down from Canada, in from the Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf of Mexico. Drugs are being flown in at a rate that makes the Berlin air lift after World War II look like a “Mom and Pop” operation. From fishing boats to freighters to entire flotillas of boats, drugs are moving like a prairie-fire into and across this country virtually unimpeded. By land, sea and air it is measured in TONNAGE, not Kilograms, Grams or “Bags”[those are the measurements of the little street dealers].
It’s time for the people to wake up to this reality and demand that law enforcement wage a real war and go after the “Big Boys.” Stop wasting the taxpayer’s dollars and clogging up the justice system and jails with people charged with little “Bullshit” drug busts that do nothing to alleviate the real problems. Law enforcements so-called “WAR” on drugs is more like a war on the weak, the poor, the minorities and bit players who are looking for an escape of one kind or another from the stifling racism, bigotry and poverty of an ingrained White Supremist Society.
None of these little fish are bringing these drugs into the country. None of these “Big” busts that are splashed across the T.V. screens and front pages of newspapers are big bust at all. None of these street dealers have low flying D.C. 9’s or Panamanian registered freighters moving drugs into or across this country. Demand more from your representatives in government and hold our illustrious leaders accountable to the people at every level of government. Demand that if they fight a drug war or any other war, fight it on the front lines and quit pussyfooting around. There are huge profits to be made in the drug trade so if they’re serious about this war (Which I don’t believe they are) they should be following the money. The money will lead back to the source and if that source turns out to be the very Congressmen, Senators and Judges that claim to be fighting against drugs, then justice must be blind and doled out to them with the same aggressive attitude that is used on the poor minority defendant caught with a few bags of dope in the inner city. Let’s get real. Print Friendly and PDF

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