Thursday, August 27, 2009

Counting Spoons

Once again I see in the news the latest round of arrest of our politicians, government officials and religious elders in corruption probes. Money laundering , tax evasion, selling human body parts etc.

Mayors, city officials, Rabbi's; a hundred and thirty (130) public officials in New Jersey alone either pleading guilty or convicted of corruption since 2001. Congressman, Senators, Legislators having extra marital affairs, taking bribes, receiving kick-backs, selling their office and soul to the highest bidder. Judges on the take, crooked cops, corrupt prosecutors wheeling and dealing while their hands are in the cookie jar.

They all seem to forget real quick their oaths of office and the public they're suppose to work for and who pay their salary. The corruption isn't getting any better but growing worse by the day. I think maybe the general public should take a chance and vote for the unknown candidate, the newcomer, the political novice. It seems to me that those with fancy degrees, political experience, or born with a silver spoon in their mouth and who continue to get elected with huge campaign contributions from "Fat Cat" friends and Corporation cronies, are the most corrupt.

Maybe its time the public stop listening to the usual claims of experience and education. Maybe the public should weigh the options and vote their gut feelings. Take a close look and get a sense of your gut feeling whether the candidate your looking at is on the up and up. Most everybody in these corruption sweeps at one time or another have touted their "Experience" to woo voters or secure a position of trust.

Maybe we should stop looking for who have prestigious degrees from Yale, Harvard or Princeton and start looking for someone with common sense. I've never held anyone in high esteem or admiration simply because they have extensive erudition in a specific field of study and a sheepskin on the wall, that doesn't impress me.

To work for the people you have to be in touch with the average American on the street, you have to know what its like to be a working stiff or poor. You have to have common sense mixed with a little street smarts. I believe these are the ones we need as representatives, Congressmen and Congresswomen and other government officials, these kinds of people should be voted into office. There are too many in positions of power born in gated communities and attending private boarding schools who put themselves on a pedestal and look down their noses at the average American struggling to feed their families, making next months rent and trying to keep from drowning in debt or sorrow or both. Maybe we should disregard the slick talking career politicians with the bulging war chest, expensive T.V. advertisements and fancy campaign buttons. Instead vote in the inexperienced new-comers who sincerely are looking to make a difference, who want to help the people and not just help themselves. Think about it: Can someone with no political experience but smart enough to learn be any worse than a career politician who wishes to carry on the distinguished tradition of abusing their power and positions to benefit themselves?

When choosing a candidate and voting, remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons." Print Friendly and PDF

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