Monday, May 3, 2010

Arise Membership Meeting May 15!

Are you a current or former member of Arise?  Or have you been interested in checking us out but just haven't gotten around to it?

On Saturday, May 15, we'll be having a meeting at Tapestry, 365 Bay St., Springfield. 

Light breakfast at 9:30, and by 10 am, we'll be talking about our organizing campaigns: 
  • Ending police misconduct and developing resident oversight
  • Stopping a toxic incinerator proposed for Springfield
  • Developing a strong tenants union to protect people's rights
  • Bringing an end to deadly and wasteful wars and returning funds to our community
  • Challenging racism in the community and in ourselves
  • Developing economic alternatives to our current system
  • Increasing people's involvement with electoral issues, especially ward representation
Our mission is achieving social justice for those of us usually left out of the system!  Want to fight with us?  Then please join us!  For more information, email or call 734-4948. Print Friendly and PDF

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