Friday, March 4, 2011

Springfield's First Gay Pride - Save the Date!

Arise's online poll about what to do with hate groups in our community closed this morning, and here's the results (which total more than 100% because people could vote in more than category):
  • Drive them out! - 9%
  • Leave them in place so we know where they are - 19%
  • Counter-Demonstrate! - 57%
  • Educate the community - 90%
Folks who've been following this blog know that at least some of us in this community have been galvanized to figure out a response to the presence of so-called  "Rev." Scott Lively in Springfield-- in fact, just a few doors down from our office!  One result is the formation of a new coalition, Stop Hate and Homophobia in Springfield.  We've been meeting regularly and meeting dates are posted on this blog.

One result already is that, for the first time (as far as anyone knows), there will be a Gay Pride event in Springfield!  Why should Boston and Northampton have all the fun?

Save the date: Saturday, July 16.  And if you want to get involved in organizing, post info here, or email Holly Richardson at

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This wont stop hate. said...

this would be the 2nd Gay Pride thing in Springfield, But this will just be another Puerto Rico day event. the new showing gays a being a bunch of crazy drag queens. people are afraid of going to Springfield for being shot. This should be an event!

Ivy said...

People really need to do some fact checking before posting information that is inaccurate and invalidates the community that has had a presence here for decades. My first pride was in the mid 90s and it wasn't the first event then either.

Michaelann Bewsee said...

Sorry, Ivy! That's what I was told (1st event) although I'm aware of some other activities in Springfield through the years.

The date has changed, by the way. I'll get new info up soon.

As to Mr./Ms. anonymous, who posted the first comment, I put it through simply so folks can see what we're up against.

Arise, Out Now and some other community groups have been organizing around Scott Lively's presence in Springfield. Ivy, maybe you'd like to get involved?

Anonymous said...