Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scott Lively sure does love his poor people

Yup, that must be why Lively went to Europe's poorest country, Moldova, last month, to speak against an anti-discrimination bill.  (I thought the air near the corner of State and Walnut Sts., where both Arise and Lively's Holy Grounds Coffeehouse, are located, seemed fresher in March.)

Even though passing an anti-discrimination bill is essential if Moldova wants to join the European Union, bringing the country into the 21st century, Lively thinks the country should pass on that opportunity, if it means not discriminating against people on the basis of the sexual orientation.

"During his visit, Lively said ending discrimination against gays would be the first step towards the "homosexualization" of society and would be followed by granting gay people the right to marry and adopt children."  Radio Liberty.   The horror!

Uganda's anti-homosexuality bill, which was introduced in its legislature shortly after another visit by Scott Lively, isn't moving forward at the moment.  The bill includes:

  • A 7-year jail sentence for consenting adults who have gay sex;
  • A life sentence for people in same-sex marriages;
  • Extradition and prosecution of LGBT Ugandans living abroad;
  • The death penalty for adults who have gay sex with minors, consensual or no,  or who communicate HIV via gay sex, regardless of condom usage or consent;
  • Jail for anyone who doesn't report suspected gay people within 24 hours;
  • A ban on the "promotion" of homosexuality which is so open-ended that it would endanger HiV/AIDS treatment and sexual health clinics in the country;
  • The ban could also be used to effectively exclude gay people from petitioning the courts by making those representing them liable for criminal action;
  • Breaking all ties with international commitments and laws opposing the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
You can sign a petition to the  Hon. Stephen Tashobya, Chair of the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Committee to the Ugandan Parliament, against the bill at Care2.

Meanwhile, back in Springfield, MA, Arise and Stop the Hate/Stop the Homophobia are having a heck of a time trying to find members of the religious community to stand with us against Lively's homophobia.  Seems like if you call yourself a Christian, you can get away with a lot.  I wonder if these controversy-shy clergy ever ask themselves: What would Jesus do?

FYI, Lively has frequently said that he's not in Springfield to fight the culture wars.  However the Tea Party is using his headquarters to plan a Tax Day rally in Springfield.  That's not illegal, but it sure puts the lie to Lively's claim he only moved to Springfield to "rechristianize" Springfield. 

Be in touch with us if you want to help us stop hate and homophobia in Springfield.  Our next meeting is Thursday, April 29, 6 pm. at Out Now, 1695 Main St., 2nd. floor.

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