Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three Strikes legislation wrong direction for MA-- take action now!

From the ACLU: 
A lot is on the line and we need your help. Massachusetts lawmakers are under intense pressure to pass a "3 strikes and you're out" proposal that would make our already harsh sentencing laws even more punitive.
In November, each branch of the state legislature hurriedly passed legislation that would, among other provisions, expand "mandatory maximum" sentences for people with certain criminal histories who are convicted of new crimes.
That's right--mandatory maximum sentences.
Unless we take bold and steady steps, "3 strikes" would tie judges' hands and require them to impose the maximum possible sentence on any defendant with past felony convictions charged as a "habitual" offender--such as stealing something with a value over a $250 threshold.
It should never even be a possibility that a judge could be forced to lock somebody up for years for an offense like stealing an iPod or an expensive pair of shoes. On top of that, the law would push back any chance of parole, and in many cases strip it away entirely. That's not only wrong, but with a price tag of nearly $50,000 a year to taxpayers, we can't afford it.
Thank you,
The ACLU of Massachusetts Legislative Team
P.S. To learn more about this dangerous legislation, visit our website.
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friend of Melissa said...

The Mass. bill is NOT like California's 3-strikes law. The Mass. bill is limited to VIOLENT felonies, and does NOT call for automatic life in prison for the third offense.

Dominic Cinelli was released on parole despite 74 violent felony convictions including three life sentences, when he murdered officer John Maguire. Michael Gentile served less than two years for 27 violent convictions when he raped and murdered Melissa Gosule.

There are just some compulsively violent sociopaths who are beyond "rehabilitation" who need to be locked up. This legislation targets the very worst of the worst, not people who steal a $250 i-pod.

Please don't get swept up in hysterical misinformation, but familiarize yourself with the FACTS. Visit: and click the top link: "Melissa's bill overdue: responding to misinformation"