Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poem for Mayor Sarno

The last time we occupied the mayor's office for lunch, Amanda (who is living in a welfare motel although DHCD is trying to kick her out) wrote a poem which she brought with her.  Seeing as the mayor was "not available," we read it to the staff and left a copy for the mayor.  Here it is:

The poor have no choice
Poverty denies them the right to choose
It makes decisions for them
Like a dictator makes decisions for a country
There are no negotiations
Poverty is a dictator.

The poor eat whatever is there
No matter how rotten it is
no matter how little it is

The poor wear whatever is there
No matter how torn it is
No matter how dirty it is

The poor live in whatever shelter is there
No matter how small it is
No matter how run down it is

There poor do whatever job is there
No matter how low-paying it is
No matter how dangerous it is

So I take the time again

Please give us a task force
for low and moderate housing


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

glad to c u put the poem up i feel blessesd to be a memberof arise and i joined to make a diffrence in the community and help ppl that i can relate with and help another family i have fought with dhcd for a year when i came for placement but i refused NO as a answer so i went on and above to get what i need a HOME FOR MY FAMILY