Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Correction/Update to last night's post

I owe HAP an apology for writing last night that the agency was responsible for leaving my family stranded at the motel.  They actually had paid for the family to stay three nights at the Springfield Inn, 1573 Riverdale St., W. Springfield.  Apparently what happened was that something got lost in translation when HAP gave that information to the DHCD worker to give to my family, because my mom has a note, not written in her own handwriting, that says Super 8 Motel, 1573 Riverdale St (The Super 8 is actually at 1500 Riverdale.)  So when my family saw the Super 8, they thought thatthat's where they were supposed to go, and didn't even notice that the address was not quite the same.

HAP responded well to this family by offering to pay for three nights in a motel, and I regret that I assumed that because HAP had said they would pay, that my family being stranded until nearly 10 pm. last night was HAP's fault. it was not.

The DHCD policy of leaving families hanging for as long as possible before providing a few of them with shelter is fraught with opportunities for error at the least and real trauma and tragedy for families at the worst.  Print Friendly and PDF

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