Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't forget Michael Ververis - Victim of Police Brutality

Hello everyone,

I am writing today to remind you all of the next trial coming up on a case that we have been working on.  This is the case of Michael Ververis, which is set to begin on Monday April 22nd at the Springfield Court, 50 State Street.  We will gather at 8:30am and go into the court in solidarity with Michael and his family.  We need you all to come and stand out with us and, together, witness this trial that will reveal more police misconduct and brutality in Springfield.

Background: On January 9, 2011, Michael Ververis was assaulted by members of the Springfield Police Department while simply trying to make his way home from a night out in Springfield's entertainment district.  Michael did not do anything to prompt the officers’ rage.  He was merely sitting in the front passenger seat of a car that the police had determined was blocking traffic on Worthington St.  What quickly ensued thereafter was Michael becoming victimized by the police as he was pulled from the vehicle, dragged nearby and ended up terribly beaten by six police officers.  He emerged with both misdemeanor and felony charges, including assault and battery of a police officer and attempt to commit larceny of an officers firearm. 

It is our belief that these charges were fabricated, and evidence tampered with in an attempt to cover up police violence and corruption.  Video footage (available at and witness testimony clearly show that Michael is not a criminal, but rather yet another victim of police brutality.

Remember, we are building more and more community strength and power as we are so strong together.  We have experienced victories against the Prison Industrial Complex in a number of cases now, and we cannot let this one pass us by.  This incident with the Springfield Police and Michael Ververis is another very troubling and disturbing one.  

So, mark your calendars now for the week of April 22nd to your show of support for Michael and to hold the Springfield police accountable.  

For peace and justice,
Holly Richardson
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