Monday, October 28, 2013

Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Scott Lively – you should still care and must attend!

Back in January, I blogged “Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Scott Lively – why you should care, why you should go!”  The case is ongoing and heating up.  Until now Scott Lively and his defense team have been mustering up every tactical move than can to avoid this trial. But they have run out of moves to try to get out from under the Crimes Against Humanity charges brought against him. The proceedings continue with a  discovery scheduling meeting before the magistrate on November 6th at 11am in the Springfield MA Federal Courthouse.
So, now again we are saying again – “Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Scott Lively – you should still care and must attend!”
After being charged with Crimes Against Humanity and eve after the Court refused to dismiss the case against him,  Scott Lively has not slowed down from his life’s work of persecuting the LGBT community worldwide. In fact, he has stepped it up.
This past week Lively was in Russia, again, where he has been so many times. So proud of his work in Russia, and what he perceives as the resulting anti-gay legislation, he told Bryan Fischer of The American Family Association: “I indirectly assisted in that and it’s one of the proudest achievements of my career.”
Keep in mind he is bragging about his influence on the recent spate of Russian anti-gay legislation including the gay propaganda ban law, the gay adoption ban law, the arrest and deport foreign nationals suspected of being gay law, the label advocacy NGOs ‘foreign agents’ to cripple them law, and the new bill to remove children from gay families.
Lively even has a campaign going, supposedly supported by the Russian Orthodox Church, to take back the rainbow for the Christians so the nasty gays can’t use it to protest their persecution at the Sochi Olympic Games.
He’s been busy here in the U.S. as well fanning the flames of anti-gay hate. This year he has visited Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri on his First Amendment Supremacy Clause tour, signing up foot soldiers in the war against The Gay Agenda, specifically Human Rights Ordinances and the First Amendment liberty of individuals to refuse public accommodation to the gay community.
I have just returned from a nine-stop speaking tour in Nebraska, which is now on-board with the First Amendment strategy, along with Oklahoma and Missouri. I am looking for more invitations to conservative states where we can put these in place as a roadblock to the homosexualization of those states and perhaps build some momentum in the other direction.” July 2, 2013
In September, after their last appeal of the dismissal ruling was denied, Lively even issued a hit list of sorts complete with names, photos and places of employment of those he felt were responsible for the lawsuit brought against him. Not his persecution of the Ugandan LGBTI community, of course, but local activists supporting the case complete with ridiculous charges such as “especially aggressive against me and against our church”.
So yes, Lively is still at his bullying and bragging. As much as ever. He is still persecuting the LGBT community near and far. With nothing much stopping him, we need your help and your presence will show Lively that his behavior is abhorred by our community.
It will also help create opposition against his crazy notion that he is worthy of being the Governor of MA.
Sexual Minorities Uganda is proceeding with their lawsuit. It’s time for everyone opposed to American Evangelicals exporting hate and homophobia to come out and support SMUG. 
See you in front of the Federal Courthouse in Springfield on November 6th at 10:30 am.

Cathy Kristofferson
GetEQUAL/MA and Stop The Hate and Homophobia Coalition Springfield

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