Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 years later, are we finally "families?"

One of the very first flyers Arise ever made-- back in the day when we scratched off presstype letters that were never even-- was about a memo from Welfare that had fallen into our hands. The language in the memo was very strange-- instead of saying families, we were called "Assistance Units!!!"

Well, we protested, we used it to organiz IOe other families on Welfare to illustrate how we were demeaned by the system.

Today I got an email from the Mass Coalition for the Homeless about the eight TERRIBLE proposals the Department of Transitional Assistance is proposing that would limit families' access to emergency shelter. they all need to be opposed, and I've written about them in more detail on my own blog.

At the very end of the email from MCH, two positive changes are mentioned. One removes barriers to shelter for children living with legal guardians who are not parents.

This is the other: "Refer to families as "households" instead of "assistance units."
What a long, strange trip it's been.
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