Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homeless Nation gains attention

Last fall community and social media expert Chris Brogan gave a plus t0 Canadian-based Homeless Nation, a site I frequently go to for updates on homeless organizing.

You might have heard of the site. They won both the Canadian New Media Award (CNMA) and the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) Award for Excellence in New Communications Award for New Media Creation/Social Media Production, so it’s not like they’re going unnoticed. The organization has been around since 2003, providing information on services, events, missing people notices, and much more.

I found the fact that members of Homeless Nation can produce podcasts and video to be quite an interesting component. Imagine a world where your physical location is no longer fixed. You might have a place to stash parts of your belongings. You will certainly find ways to acquire temporary shelter, will learn how to find food, find a place to bathe, and the like.

Homeless Nation describes it goals as:

Our Goals

  • Build and strengthen communities, both virtual and actual, across Canada
  • Provide access to the Internet, media and training to Canada's homeless population
  • Encourage discussion and learning on social issues surrounding homelessness
  • Create dialogue between Canada's homeless and mainstream society to counter isolation and marginalization
  • Recycle and re-purpose technology for use by Canada's homeless communities
  • Break down stereotypes and barriers in our society
  • Community development uniting resources serving the homeless
  • Create a national collective voice by and for Canada's homeless population
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    Homelessness seems to be growing. I'm a photographer who is trying to change the world... starting in my own community. Join me:

    Thank you.