Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London riots: can't happen here?

 Today an African-American man came into the office with his family.  He had just been walking by and saw our sign in the window: "Please sign our petition for police accountability' and that's why he came in. 

He said, "Yeah, I just got arrested for being Black in Springfield."
What happened?" I said.
"I was downtown with my family," he said, "and I saw a cruiser pulling somebody over.  So, just being nosy, I went over to see what was going on.  The cop said, 'Move along' but i guess I didn't move fast enough because the next thing I knew, I was up against the cruiser and in handcuffs."
"What did they charge you with?"
"Disturbing the peace."
"And what happened when you went to court?"
"I had to pay an $80 fine-- for being Black in Springfield."

Watch this video, and observe the contempt with which the BBC interviewer treats the man she is interviewing about the London riots.
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Diane Nilan said...

For those who think "it can't happen here," think again. Thinking...we've kinda lost the art.

D.O. said...

Who says it can't happen here? It's already happened here many, many times and you can bet it will again as folks get squeezed harder by The Machine while the filthy rich in their gated communities keep picking up their dividend checks off the backs of working people. Of course, the cops, for the most part, become tools of that Machine, even as it grinds over them and their families.

Let's hope the upcoming occupations of Wall Street and DC don't turn ugly.

Anonymous said...

this is plain and simple racism from wence it originated. ENGLAND!!!