Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mandatory mediation before foreclosure! Encourage Springfield City Council

Springfield City Hall (36 Court Street) -- Room 200
(we will gather at 4:30 PM outside City Hall)

Next wednesday August 10th at 5PM, the Springfield City Council will hold a subcommittee hearing to finalize the details of the mandatory mediation and the securing & maintaining foreclosed homes ordinances that unanimously passed first step on July 18th. There is growing noise that some banks, including the big banks, may be in attendance, possibly to lobby against this strong legislation. 

We plan to be there to support the city council's efforts to hold the banks accountable for the crisis they created, mitigate the impacts of the foreclosure crisis, keep Springfield residents in their homes and keep communities safe. 

Please join us to support the efforts to pass this ordinance and ensure that Springfield stands on the side of the PEOPLE not the BANKS! 

For more information on the Springfield Anti-Foreclosure Ordinances see 

Peace and Respect

Springfield No One Leaves & Springfield Bank Tenants Association
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