Sunday, March 4, 2012

Displaced? Homeless? Holyoke says, No Problem!

Two friends of mine (maybe more, who knows?) live at the 127-unit Lyman Terrace in Holyoke, the nations's oldest public housing project.  Residents just recently found out that the Housing Authority intends to demolish the project.  In comments the SHA submitted to HUD, HHA says there will be "No significant impact on the human enviroment."

This reminds me of the response I got from Springfield's chief Housing Code inspector, when I asked him where people displaced by condemnation were supposed to go.  "Relocate," was his answer.

Supposedly, the HHA will distribute Section 8 certificates to Lyman terrace tenants, but of course there's never any discussion as to whether suitable housing is actually available.

I had a long post planned but I couldn't do any better than the post already written by Pronoblem at H.U.S.H, which is also where this great photo comes from..  There are links that tell you how to submit a comment to the HHA.  MAKE SURE YOU GO THERE AND TAKE ACTION!

Two Lyman Terrace residents will be speaking at our Housing and Homelessness National Day of Action for the Right to Exist on April 2.  We just have to start standing up for ourselves! Print Friendly and PDF

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