Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please help protect the Quabbin forest

Please help protect the Quabbin forest!  (photo and post by Chris Matera)

This is the most important piece of undeveloped forest in Massachusetts that protects the drinking water for 2.2 million citizens, and the public owns it, but private logging companies want to start logging it again.

Environment Massachusetts is running an excellent campaign to permanently ban logging in the Quabbin and needs our help now.

Please go to this easy link to send a message:

For a reminder why we need to keep the private logging companies out of the quabbin, please see:

Quabbin Watershed Clearcutting - Ground & Aerial (15 MB):
Quabbin Watershed Clearcutting - Google (5 MB): 

Please forward this message to friends and family!

thank you

Chris Matera
Massachusetts Forest Watch
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