Friday, April 20, 2012

Connect the Dots-- Stop Climate Change!

Climate Impacts Action Day:  Connect the Dots-- Stop Climate Change!  
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** More and more weird, extreme weather here in New England--  tornado, hurricane, October blizzard followed by a nearly snowless and record-breaking warm winter.
** And around the U.S. and the world-- droughts, floods,   heat waves, forest fires, tornadoes, melting Arctic and glaciers, warming oceans, species going extinct, huge number of bees dying, etc.

Time to connect all these "Climate Dots", and act to stop climate change!
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Every day between Monday April 30 and Saturday May 5, during rush-hour from 8 to 9am and 5 to 6pm,  groups of 10 or more people will stand on the sidewalk of the Coolidge Bridge between Hadley and Northampton.  
    We’ll hold large signs & banners calling for President Obama and Congress to stop climate change by rejecting the Keystone Tar Sands pipeline, oil drilling offshore and in the Arctic, and continued reliance on coal and nuclear energy;  and by supporting much larger investment in renewable energy sources and energy conservation and efficiency.
    To ensure safety, children under 12 along with their parents will be asked to not stand on the bridge’s narrow sidewalk with other demonstrators, but to hold signs and stand on or walk along the sidewalk off the bridge, which is still very visible to passing motorists.

   “Get up, stand up,  stand up for your rights . . .  to a safe climate and clean energy future!”
   “Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight . . .  for your kids, grandkids, and all life, we must act now!!”

Sponsored by:  Pioneer Valley Climate Action, GreenNorthampton, Grow Food Northampton, and other organizations.   
More info:  John Berkowitz, PVCA Director,  413-625-6374  ,  
and on Facebook
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