Sunday, April 15, 2012

Springfield police to talk to the community about their use-of-force policy

Springfield police to educate

 public about 

department's 'use-of-force' 


 Let’s see if what the police say about 

their use-of-force policy matches up to 

our experience in the community!!

The schedule for the Springfield training sessions
Tuesday, April 17, Rebecca Johnson School, 55 Catharine St., 5:30 pm.
Tuesday, May 1, Christian Life Center, 1590 Sumner Ave., 5:30 pm.
Thursday, May 10, Pynchon Apartments, Edgewater Community Room, 101 Lowell St., 5:30 pm.
Tuesday, May 15, Greenleaf Community Center, 1188 Parker St.,
Want to get involved with Arise’s Coalition for Community Justice?  Call 734-4948
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