Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Teenth/Justice for Charles

Yesterday's June Teenth event lacked only one element to make it the perfect day: the presence of Charles Wilhite.

On Monday, the court will set a date for a bail hearing; the bail hearing may be (we hope) July 2.  Once again, community support makes a difference.

Ruben, Tony, Maggie and Jeremiah at the Arise table

Best former city councilor ever- Amaad Rivera

Vira Cage, Charles' aunt, coordinating  the day

Lucinda Ealy coordinating childcare

Dan Keefe from Out Now & Justice for Charles with Vira

Rev. Charla Kouadio and Maryanne Winters

Arise's Ellen Graves & musician Ben Grosscup

Amanda's boys

Jean Sherlock on the racist school system

Rep. Ben Swan and Vira

In the hat-- Arise member Sheldon Gaynor from Like It Or Not

Early Arise member Helen Drungo, Charles' grandmother

'Candejah Pink from No One Leaves

Arise member Keith Peters, who's coordinating next Saturday's CORI Independence Day
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