Tuesday, July 3, 2012

National Alliance Of HUD Tennants Washington, DC June 26, 2012

I was privileged to stand with NAHT this past week in DC. NAHT and MAHT (Mass Alliance of HUD tenants) work tirelessly on behalf of those in danger of losing section 8 housing. Attending the conference were members of NAHT from all over the US. The fight to preserve low income housing is difficult. Workshops on organizing tenants associations and HUD regulations as well as what litigation is presently being considered, were explored in great detail during this 2012 conference. Members of HUD sat on a panel and listened to us and provided some insight as to where they stood on certain housing issues. In addition we meant with government officials in the Senate building who addressed housing. This trip was very inspiring and very enlightening. The housing issue in Springfield has the same challenges as it does in many parts of the US. Please watch this short video as we marched on the MLK memorial in DC. We were stopped at the entrance. We held our protest at the entrance. Please leave questions and comments.
John Morris

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for educating me on this issue! Mr Patrick has lost touch with the people AND HE HAS TO GO now!!