Monday, January 7, 2013

How Not To Be An Activist

A friend sent me a link to this blog, I liked the title so I went on to read it. When I'm at work and trying to read, I usually end up talking at the same time but to day I just read and then read it again. It makes perfect sense to me.

I frequently get asked why I do this kind of work and most often I'm at a lost for words to explain but this does it. You can read the rest of the blog at Just a Rez Chick...How not to be an activist.



How Not To Be An Activist

I never thought of myself as an activist. The first time someone called me an activist, was an internationally well known activist in a message to me on Facebook. She told me to keep up the good work and always stand up for what I believe in. That the life of an activist wasn’t easy. But to keep doing what I do.
“Wow” was what came to mind. “Really? Me? An activist?” I was shocked and honored. I’m a writer who feels very passionately about what I write for. I’m not on the front lines, yet. Legally, I can’t afford to be out there-yet. I have always cared about the wrongs of the world, talking in extent to both my parents about it all the time. I sit home and write about what all the wonderfully courageous people who have crossed paths with me by caring about the same things I care about are doing to make the world a better place. I respect that they care enough about the drinking water of grandchildren they will never meet. Or that they care about the future generations of our little brown Native children and their rights, without even knowing how this world will be at the time. Whether it will be better or worse, but hoping in their hearts, what they do here and now will make it better. Or they care about all the lives lost to alcohol two miles away from the reservation. That they care about a piece of land so sacred and important to The Creation Story of our people that it is considered The Heart Of All That Is, that they would help spread the word via social media. And all the Indigenous people who live in colonized governments who are sending support to the First Nations of Canada by saying enough is enough Idle No More as a globalized, unified movement with a heartbeat so strong, you can hear it like a drum beat in your soul. Like the game Jumanji is buried nearby. Print Friendly and PDF

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Hope your having a great week, and thank you for your thoughts. I'm reading online to get a better understanding of the thoughts out there and I found you. It is inspiring to feel as if we are making a difference! This is the time in our history to make a difference for all. My question in my mind right now is -Why do I not see change coming out of Washington DC yet? I see heightened division. Though I believe everyone wants the same thing. Is Washington DC using anger/heightening passion of it's own people regarding issues of race, rich vs. poor, gay vs not gay, God seeking vs.atheist, etc. as a wedge to divide? (Sounding like a conspiracist here - Is this division causing confusion and chaos so folks cannot stay focused on what is really important?) Something to think about. Some real daily issues are NOT at the fore front. I know many people who don't qualify for food stamps that should. I work in a grocery store deli and I daily feed folks dinner practically for free because I know they wouldn't eat if I didn't. (I can't give it to them for free because I don't own the store - I'm an employee. ) I come into contact w/ many folks (mostly the elderly) that barely make it on social security and don't qualify for food stamps.) BUT I have folks who are young who use their food stamps that they qualified for to buy chicken hot wings on a Sunday afternoon to watch football with their friends! Where is the justice here! I am proud that we have a black President but right now I don't care if he were purple - I just want answers to some change that I am not seeing. We must hold the Pres. accountable for change regardless of being proud of his position and where he stands. As a good person, I support our President and our nations leaders, but I still want to see justice. I wanted to express this thought to you because I feel your passion and desire to make a difference. Let me inspire you in saying you have a huge moral responsibility to influence all the people you come in contact with with a POSITIVE message. Your response and reaction to EVERYTHING you say and do will influence alot of people and that in itself is powerful my girl. In our desire to get the word out there and make a change be careful not to allow division among all in our country -black white, poor, rich. We are ALL on the same boat here. I believe ALL have a desire for better and that is what makes our country the greatest country in the world. As long as you and I and everyone with a desire for a positive outcome reach out with care and LOVE, then we are going in the right direction. I see anger, racism and hate brewing along with our passion for change. Who will help the poor and homeless? Not DC yet (. . . time will tell.) Obama is a proud, great black man BUT I can't continue to support him if he doesn't make a difference. BUT for now WE can and should make a difference even if it means changing our own neighborhood or our school or our block or support group around us. Anyone who is reaching out in support and love should be supported and accepted. (Careful NOT to divide but keep it real in LOVE). Make a difference there girl and bring all the good forward in love. Hope you know what I'm saying. I hope this raises you up. I support your passion. Be sure all you do is pleasing to your respected and honored God (whichever your beliefs are - staying politically correct here) . . . and that chaos doesn't cause you to fall. All my support, Mom in NC.