Friday, January 4, 2013

Stories we dont hear, from people we all know.

Fired from @WholeFoods because they needed time off for surgery. #ows #S17 #election2012
Fired from @WholeFoods because they needed time off for surgery. #ows #S17 #election2012

There are hundreds of stories like this one and worse. The stories of folks like us, who are directly affected by injustice. Our concern is where do they go? Where do they live? Who will help them?
And most important----What can we do?
Get involved- We need your voice.
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Peter Myers said...

Fight for 15 stands by you and all workers

Anonymous said...

My position was terminated from Thing5 in Springfield, MA for a similar situation in which was WAY beyond my control! That company is a nightmare! I feel her pain! I lost my apartment my car EVERYTHING! I'm glad I was able to pick myself up after moving in to my mother's basement where I slept on the FLOOR!

BobUnderwood said...

It is not an unusual story. The younger age group typically will not form or join unions, will not register to vote, and will not be active in alternative parties. Corporate America know it.