Monday, January 12, 2009

Motion to Dismiss--THURS JAN 15th 2pm

January 15th
Pre-Trial Hearing at 2PM

On Monday, December 29th, Jason Vassell’s defense submitted a motion to dismiss Vassell’s indictment, No. 08-56, “on the ground that the defendant has been selectively prosecuted because of his race, in violation of the rights guaranteed him by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Articles I and XII of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights.”

The motion and a 50+ page memorandum in support of the motion were one of the topics discussed at Vassell’s pretrial hearing on December 31st. At the hearing, the judge agreed that Jason’s case would go to trial in March, 2009.

January 15, 2009 will be the hearing on the Motion to Dismiss Charges, Subpoena for Bosse and Bowes’ School Records, and more. It was great that 70 people came out to support Jason at his last hearing during a snowstorm on New Year’s Eve. This time we will bring even more!

This is a critical period in the case. The judge could ultimately exonerate Jason at this point in time, or could dismiss the motion completely. Your support is needed more than ever, which is why we need to stand in solidarity behind Jason at his upcoming pre-trial hearing. The judge and the district attorney must see the support behind this motion for the dismissal of charges against Jason.

Please attend the hearing on JAN. 15TH AT 2 PM. Hearing will take place in the Hampshire Superior Court -15 Gothic St. Northampton MA 01003.

After the hearing there will be a press conference at First Churches to announce upcoming events in support of Jason Vassell and to discuss the events of the day.
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