Saturday, January 31, 2009

Springfield City Council wants to mess with new marijuana law

We simply have got to change our Arise board meeting so it's not on the same night as Springfield City Council speak-out!

Councilor James Ferrara plans to introduce an ordinance to add an additional $300 fine (on top of the $100 fine in the new state ordinance approved last election day) to anyone seen smoking marijuana in public. See the Springfield Republican story here.

"It's not to circumvent the will of the voters. They have spoken. We're just going to try to address qualify-of-life issues in the city," Ferrera said.

Yes, we DID speak, and what we said was a $100 fine, not $400!!!!

I would suggest
  • That we draft a letter at the board meeting opposing tampering with the new law and send it to the newspaper and Springfield City Council
  • Call and email city councilors.

2009 Springfield City Councilors

James J. Ferrera, III
33 Palmyra Street, 01118
Home: 351-6657

William T. Foley, President
221 Wildwood Avenue, 01118
Home: 783-2201

Patrick J. Markey
17 Oxford Street, 01108
Home: 746-5512

Rosemarie Mazza-Moriarty
95 Osborne Terrace, 01104
Home: 781-3908

Timothy J. Rooke
50 Overlook Drive, 01118
Home: 747-1825

Bruce W. Stebbins, Vice President
19 Mattoon Street, 01105
Home: 734-6216

Jose Tosado
22 Birch Glen Drive, 01129
Home: 782-2678

Kateri Walsh
42 Magnolia Terrace, 01108
Home: 781-8042

Bud L. Williams
71 Joanne Road, 01119
Home: 783-9592

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