Monday, January 19, 2009



We have a new year and tomorrow we'll have a new President. As we move forward in these new days and times of the 21st century, it is important that we move and act in the right spirit. That spirit is the spirit of brotherhood, sisterhood and the common good. Moving forward in a spirit of humanity and not a spirit of hostility.

We can't act justly or wisely by attacking established interest indiscriminately and without careful thought. It's easy to point fingers and lay blame, or launch into rhetorical verse with catchy phrases and cheap attacks. It's easy to condemn wrongdoing and not provide concrete answers or sound ideas for improvements; but that doesn't bring change or confidence of reform.
Reform will come only with careful thinking and planning as to what's in the best interest of the people and what's the most effective way of expressing our desires to the people who have the power to make these changes.

In a self-governed, democratic country there is one interest that benefits everybody and that is the common interest and we will not achieve our goals with incendiary words and bitterness of heart. This will only make it impossible to think clearly, act calmly and move rationally toward that spirit of change.

Those who wish to stand-back, hold out or hold off and not participate in frank discussion in search of common goals can only blame them selves when they find themselves on the outside looking in.We the people must have the conviction and determination to see wrongs made right, the weak made strong, the hungry made whole and humanity sweep across all the nations of the world.

In this spirit we will find new hope, a breath of fresh air, a renewed spirit and the eternal optimism you feel when watching the first rays of a new rising Sun. This should be our spirit in the fight for reform, in the fight for justice and the struggle for equality. The future is not in partisan politics or business as usual, the future is for great ideas, common sense thinking and bold measures for the good of all humanity. The future will be in the hands of the people and guided by the spirit of the people. The future will be driven by the people and pushed by people who are statesmen and not bandits, dictators or demagogues. Statesmen that are not in love with the title of office, but in love with the duty of office and excited about the opportunity to serve the people.

I believe we are witnessing a rebirth of public opinion, a revival of the power of the people and the beginning of a new age in democracy. This new age will be brought on by people of all colors, all religions and all backgrounds working hand in hand together for a better world. With this rebirth we will show our new spirit, we will serve freedom, justice and equality. We will try to bring this world closer to harmony and humanity.

Our march to freedom and equality begins right here, right now and I implore you to join with us, stand shoulder to shoulder with ARISE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE. Lift yourself above the maze of positions and politics and in the spirit of true crusaders stand ready to dedicate yourself to the cause of liberating the citizens of your city, your state, your country and the world from the bondage and oppression of special interests, corporate greed and little minds with little vision. Stand with us and join with ARISE in ushering in this new day. Raise your voices for freedom, stand your ground for justice, never back down from moral positions on equality and democracy. Fight for whats right and let our leaders know they are accountable to the people!

Help us keep this country strong; give ARISE your support both physically, financially and spiritually. Come fight for freedom, come help keep our country free. We extend an open invitation to you to join ARISE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Don James

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Michaelann Bewsee said...

Don, this exactly captures how I feel. Thank you!