Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't burn our forests for electricity!

Great to get this from the Sierra Club-- they were late to the game, but with us now.
Take Action!
Take Action!
Right now, Massachusetts is considering approval for five new biomass plants. If built these plants would only generate 1% of our state's electricity but consume the equivalent of 50 football fields of trees every day!1
Massachusetts recently commissioned a study to look at the effects of burning trees for electricity and Gov. Patrick is considering stregthening the state's biomass regulations to protect our forests and our health.
The biomass industry is putting a lot of pressure on the Governor to keep our state's regulations weak. We need to let the Gov. know we want him to stand up for our forests.
Because trees grow back, forest biomass is currently treated as "renewable energy." But new science shows that inefficient and polluting biomass facilities emit even more greenhouse gases than most coal plants. 
Our nation needs to move beyond coal and oil but we need to make sure we are replacing them with truly clean, renewable sources like wind and solar power.
Together we can protect our forests, our health and move toward a clean energy future!
James McCaffrey
Sierra Club
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