Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please support African immigrants working in Central Massachusetts

Workers at Alternatives Unlimited, Inc, a human service agency in central Massachusetts  are coming together to form a union with SEIU Local 509, the Human Service Workers' Union.  Many recent immigrants from African countries work at Alternatives providing service and supports to our neighbors with mental health needs and developmental disabilities.  Unfortunately, Dennis Rice, the Executive Director of Alternatives Unlimited has hired a union busting consultant to interfere with his employees rights to form a union. 
Can you send a letter to Dennis Rice asking him to support workers rights?

By winning a voice at work, they can speak up about problems that impact clients; they can improve their working conditions, which directly impact the conditions in which some of our most vulnerable neighbors live; and they can build greater job skills and long-term careers, improving the human services industry for everyone.
Show them you’ve got their back!

The union busting consultant has already started holding mandatory meetings where they bend the truth and create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.  We are also concerned they may be engaged in illegal activity like using Medicaid funding to interfere with workers rights to form a union. 

Please send a letter now to Dennis Rice asking him not to interfere with workers rights to form a union.

Peter Witzler, Senior Community Political Organizer
Supporting People, Supporting Communities, SEIU, Public Services Division
Cell: 202.257.4952, Office: 202.730.7389

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