Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eviction pending for Wall St. protestors? Make a few calls!

According to the New York Times, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is telling protestors they will have to clear out Friday so the park can be "cleaned" for the enjoyment of all.

Yeah, I'm sure his 1% Wall St. buddies would like to be able to look out the window without seeing the unintended fruit of Wall Street's sowing.

rgent -- tomorrow at 7 am, the New York City police plan to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The only way to stop the eviction is a roaring outcry to New York's billionaire mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and to the owners of the protest park. We must show them that their global reputations are on the line.

Let's flood their offices with phone calls! Avaaz will tell the media about the numbers of calls made, multiplying their impact on the public image of Bloomberg and Richard B. Clark -- the CEO of the company that owns the park. If enough of us call now, we could turn the tide and stop the eviction--but only hours are left!

Call the Mayor and Brookfield Properties Here:
After calling, post a message about how the call went -- to help Avaaz count the number of calls made, and demonstrate the wave of worldwide support for the protesters.

Suggestions for your call:
  • Say that you have a message for Brookfield CEO Richard Clark or NYC Mayor Bloomberg (depending on who you are calling)
  • Stop the eviction of Zuccotti Park
  • We have a constitutional right to protest.
  • This is one of the biggest shows of public outrage in decades and these people represent hundreds of thousands across the world who stand with the protesters and the movement for real democracy.
  • The protesters are cleaning up the park, keeping it clean and safe

We can help make sure the thousands of protesters rights to freedom of speech and assembly are respected by calling Billionare Bloomberg and Brookfield. Forward to everyone!

Emma, Morgan, Maria Paz, Alice, Ben, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team


Occupy Wall Street protesters fear eviction from park

Update: Occupy Wall Street Responds to Bloomberg’s Cleaning ‘Eviction Notice’ Print Friendly and PDF

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