Saturday, October 1, 2011

Right to the City - anti-foreclosure activists protest in Boston

No One Leaves in Boston (photo Joe Oliverio)

Yesterday forty of us from Springfield hopped on a schoolbus and drove to Boston under the No One Leaves banner to join 3,000 other activists to protest the brutality of Bank of Boston's foreclosure policy.  Here's a link to a MassLive article which talks about the rally and the arrest of protesters, and a link to Right to the City, the conveners/organizers, and here's a photo history of our day.

We had a short protest at BofA in Springfield before loading

Candejah Pink Bank Tenants leader, goes over the logistics of the day

City Life/Vida Urbana gets ready

Rally at Boston Commons

people block entrances of the Bank of America

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Ruben (red on the right) rallies us in front of the bank
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Amy Bookbinder said...

Woohoo! They say Move Out; we say FIGHT BACK!