Thursday, October 13, 2011


In June Springfield revoked a permit for a bio-mass plant that would damage our environment:
       Now Palmer Renewable Energy is attempting to build the air polluting biomass plant anyway!

In August Springfield passed the strongest anti-foreclosure legislation in the country:
       Now Bank of America and the Mass Bankers Association are threatening a lawsuit against the city.

Big Banks and Big Business are destroying our communities, killing our jobs and damaging our environment! Its time to take back our city!

Monday, October 17 @ 5:30PM
Springfield City Hall Steps

We won’t be silent while big banks and big businesses continue to make profits at 
the expense of the people.
We won’t allow big banks and businesses to destroy our communities 
while taxpayers pick up the tab!
Stand up and fight back to take back control of our city and support policies that 
put people, not profits, first!

Arise for Social Justice • Alliance to Develop Power • Pioneer Valley Project • SEIU Local 1199 •
Springfield No One Leaves/Nadie Se Mude • City Councilor Amaad Rivera  •  Western Mass Jobs w/ Justice • Progressive Democrats of America   WMass American Friends Service Committee • Stop Toxic Incineration • Pioneer Valley Young Democrats • Out Now!

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Mo said...

I love this video, thanks for sharing. It so aptly illustrates a moving and contrasting montage between that which we have been lead to believe about who we are as a people and a country and that which is historically unfolding before us every day.

yet, in posting related links on faecbook and google +, I am finding the lack of response to all OWS news -- any response at all -- disconcerting.

Have we really become so disengaged? I have never even met any member of the 1% and none of my friends are rich, yet the seeming unwillingness to even comment or show interest, feigned or otherwsie, is tragic. I wonder if I actually know my friends and acquaintances. yet I am willing to bet those same people will rejoice and embrace any changes as the result of this hugely necessary and historical event.

So, instead of hanging out on facebook or G+, I will just hang out here. Meanwhile I am working on a blog post about OWS and my thoughts above, and will hope to get at least one comment.

Peace. Keep up the great work.

D.O. said...

Take heart, Mo. We're finding all kinds of interest in OWS and its' countless spin-offs like OccupySpringfield which has called for an occupation of Court Square on Monday starting at 8:30am. Checkout The Enviro Show blog for our ongoing show on Occupy Everywhere!