Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last week at Arise


Just ending a busy week at Arise and feeling as if we moved ahead.  Different Arise members went to other events, also, but from my end:

Monday: With the No One Leaves Coaltion, protested and temporarily postponed an auction of the Diaz' family home.
Tuesday: vigil for David Kato.  Very cold weather; about 20 of us took turns vigiling and going inside to get warm.  Met some new allies.
Wednesday: I spoke at WNEC Lw School with City Councilor Mike Fenton about the biomass incinerator and efforts to stop it.
Thursday: Back to the Diaz home, about 30 people, this time the bank buys the house back.  It's not over.  Then on to the Springfield Institute, for our second meeting of a coalition loosely titled, Group to Stop Hate and Homophobia in Springfield.  Arise, Out Now, Raging Grannies, and the OUTlaws from WNEC, plus more.  Next meeting March 3, place to be announced.
Friday: Brunch at Arise.  Every 2nd Friday, we invite members and folks who've stopped in during the week to join us.  A dozen people ate bananas and bagels and talked about why we care about social justice.  Then, at 3:30, ten of us attended the Community Coalition for Justice workshop on knowing your rights with the police.

Another busy week ahead.  Call us at 413-734-4948 to get involved. Print Friendly and PDF

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