Monday, February 7, 2011

A message of hope and freedom

The people of the world stand at the doorway of a fretful future. What exactly will it be no one can say for sure. The people may not be able to predict the future, but I'm sure they know what they want; peace, liberty, an enriched life, that is free from want, oppression, violence and restriction; the people want democracy, a refreshed democracy; they want to be able to feel, see and smell freedom. The people want to sink their teeth into democracy and freedom and they want tangible assurances that all the loud chatter of democracy will include them, regardless of their station in life. They want certainty and will not be satisfied with mere high-sounding yet trite and cliche remarks by politicians or presidents.

These turbulent times are hardly the time to fumble with mere abstractions. The people want concrete safeguards of their rights so their faith in the democratic system won't be lost. We the people are in a titanic life-and-death struggle for our rights and freedoms against ruthless and efficient foes. Now is the time for the people of the world to galvanize into decisive action on the side of freedom and democracy. Freedom has become a world-wide issue to discuss and settle here and now.

Should the elitist and their vision of a "New world order" (N.W.O.) suddenly fold up their tent and surrender to the people's will tomorrow, the capitulation would provide only a brief respite of peace unless the people believe and act without reservation to make true the words of Sumner Welles that, "Our victory must bring in it's train the liberation of all peoples. Discrimination between peoples because of their race, creed, color or sexual orientation must be abolished".

Millions of people of all stripes; black, brown, yellow, red, white, straight, gay, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and all other minorities do not believe that the elitist and their police state N.W.O. intend to put into effect democracy and freedom for the people. In fact they have done everything in their power to take away our rights and freedoms, tear up the Constitution and destroy the principles of democracy. This belief is what accounts for the depths of passion that underlie all the struggles for freedom and democracy witnessed around the world today.

The rumblings for freedom and equality for the people of America and the world will reverberate into a mighty roar and spread like wildfire in the days to come, the days of talking quietly have past. These are the days for bold action, this is the time to serve the ways of democracy and preserve the integrity of the Constitution. Sweeping changes will set the peoples of the world on fire and they will stand in great numbers and have the power to demand justice, demand freedom and demand equality. Help us fight for our freedom and for what's right.

ARISE for Social Justice has been in the fore-front of the struggle for freedom, justice, democracy and human rights for many years, however we cannot continue in this struggle without the help and support of the people we serve. Because we accept no government funding and due in part to the economic downturn, we find ourselves in a rather precarious financial situation. We need the help of the people to continue fighting for the people. If you can spare a dollar, a few dollars or a few hundred dollars please consider a donation to ARISE, anything that will help us to continue helping the people would be appreciated.

Please send what you can spare to the following address: ARISE for Social Justice P.O. BOX 5423, 467 State Street, Springfield, MA. 01101. Your contributions are tax deductable. Thank you so much for standing with us for freedom and against oppression.

Don James

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