Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lying Facebook page - why you can't believe everything you read

The Housatonic River, which runs 149 miles through Western Massachusetts and Connecticut before emptying into the Long Island Sound, was contaminated with PCBs from the Pittsfield General Electric plant for forty-five years.  GE was ordered by the EPA to clean up the river, and two miles have been cleaned so far. 

Now, as GE prepares the next phase of the clean-up, a new Facebook page has appeared, the Smart Clean-Up Coalition, suggesting that the best clean-up may be no clean-up.  
Clean-up issues are complicated, and I don't know enough to promote the best way to deal with the River's contamination.  But when it turns out that the Smart Clean-Up Coalition is actually an initiative of a coalition that took $300,000 from the General Electric Company-- and that at first, they lied about it-- well, you have to wonder, yes?
Beth Daily at the Boston Globe is covering this story.

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Nancy woodman said...

Where's the accountability? So much could be done with that money!