Monday, February 28, 2011

LGBT Immigrant Youth Face Increased Risk of Homelessness

Care2 is highlighting a report by Feet in Two Worlds  on homelessness among immigrant LGBT youth.

 Juan Valdez vividly recalls the night he left home.
“I grabbed a whole bunch of black plastic bags, packed all of my things, and went to my best friend’s house. And, I mean, what else could I do? I was 16, I didn’t know how to do anything,” Juan said.
Juan was kicked out of his house when he revealed to his parents that he was gay.
Adrielle Grant has a similar story.
“I moved down to New York with [my mom], and like two weeks into the move she found out that I was gay,” Adrielle said.  “The drama started and she kicked me out.” Adrielle (who changed his name from Leroy) was 18 when he became homeless.
The most recent survey of runaway and homeless youth in New York estimates that, each night, a minimum of 3,800 youth are homeless, more than half of whom identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Within the overall homeless youth population, 15 percent were born outside of the U.S. mainland.  Advocates say much of the immigrant homeless youth population identifies as lesbian, gay, transgender or bisexual (LGBT).
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Juan Valdez said...

Hello everyone! I am JUAN VALDEZ, the young homeless person in this article. I hope it helps bring awareness to the dire situation that grows more tragic by the day. Young people, regardless of sexual orientation or race, are being fed to the wolves. Exposed to life threatening situations and people, these youth become what society encourages them to be. I want to tell my story. My whole story so that it will help young people like me for generations to come. I will be the influence and encouragement our future needs to thrive! Please facebook me to this e-mail: Thank you all for your support.

Juan Valdez