Monday, February 21, 2011

Sen. Scott Brown: sexually abused, on welfare, but.....

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was on 60 Minutes last night.  I didn't watch the show, but MassLive printed an AP article about it this morning.

Brown's book, Against All Odds, is due to be released today and apparently details his experiences of sexual abuse as a child.  He also says that he and his mom were on public assistance for a while.

But....he says his experiences as a child do not affect the decisions he makes now about the federal budget, including voting against programs very similar to the ones that supported him and his family when they needed them.

Well, I say his decisions today do stem from his childhood...and we call it Internalized Oppression.  Maybe Sen. Scott should see a therapist.

Meanwhile, he will vote in favor of cutting CDGB funds, which are likely to provide programs for childhood victims of sexual abuse, and will vote against the remnants of the tattered safety net that helped him and his family survive. 

I like to think that people-- and nations-- who have been oppressed learn how not to replicate that oppression.  But it doesn't always work that way, does it? Print Friendly and PDF

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